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We are dedicated to being PASSIONATELY CATHOLIC and committed to creating a path to ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE for our students. Guided by the teachings of the Gospel and serving as a vital ministry of our PARISH COMMUNITY, we promote an engaging and nurturing environment in which to advance the full potential of each child, integrate our Catholic faith values and virtues, and nourish a STRONG MORAL FOUNDATION for a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ. 





A spiritual relationship exists between parents, clergy, teachers, and students. We recognize parents as the first teachers of faith and education. So, St. Mary Magdalen places a strong emphasis on developing a spiritual partnership, in addition to academic collaboration, so that we exemplify the same Christian values to our students. Parents are encouraged to become actively engaged in the parish and school life. This partnership enhances communication, fosters cooperation, and builds community relationships, creating a faith-based environment for all.



Catholic Identity

Our Catholic Identity is visible throughout the day as we begin with the entire school community praying, reflecting on scripture, reciting the code of conduct, and pledging allegiance to the flag. Student Christian conscience is nurtured through religion classes, daily prayer, class Masses, and spiritual life projects. Within the bounds of our robust curriculum, each child works to uphold our code of conduct. Reverence of God promotes respect for all life so that they can take personal responsibility for the good of others. Unity of mind and heart forms the keystone. Together, these virtues motivate lifelong learning of becoming adult disciples of Jesus.


We are located at 2430 N. Providence Road in Media, Upper Providence Township, PA. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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