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Faculty & Staff 

Starry Sky




Rev. Monsignor Ralph J. Chieffo


Mrs. Jennifer Roehrig


Principal's Page

Ms. Denise Winterberger

Principal Emeritus

Fr. Aaron Loch, LC

Spiritual Adviser

Dcn. Joseph Boyle, M.A.

Director of Religious Education

Mrs. Susan Edmundowicz

Business Manager

Ms. Tara Bonsall, RN


Nurse's News Page

School Office

Main Office

Mrs. Sharon Higgins

Office Assistant

Mrs. Maureen Scheuerman

Office Assistant


Mrs. Marcella Quirk

Office Assistant 

Mrs. Jane Lake 

Pre-K3 A

Teacher Page

Mrs. Mary Beth Boyle

Pre-K3 B

Teacher Page

Mrs. Kathleen Weinstock 

Pre-K4 A
Teacher Page

Ms. Bernadette Huhn

Pre-K4 B
Teacher Page

Mrs. Vicky Comly

Kindergarten A
Teacher Page 


Mrs. Dale Phillips

Kindergarten B 
Teacher Page

Mrs. Vanessa Spurio

Kindergarten C

Teacher Page

Mrs. Diane Hughes

First Grade A
Teacher Page

Mrs. Amanda McGowan

First Grade B
Teacher Page

Ms. Breanna Hickey

Second Grade A
Teacher Page

Mrs. Maureen McKenna 

Second Grade B
Teacher Page


Ms. Stephanie Gurley

Third Grade A
Teacher Page


Miss Elizabeth Bonanni

Third Grade B

Teacher Page

Mrs. Maureen Clark

Fourth Grade A

Teacher Page


Miss Kimberly Hope

Fourth Grade B
Teacher Page


Mrs. Maggie Sweeney

Fifth Grade A
Teacher Page

Ms. Casey McHale

Fifth Grade B (Religion, Math, Social Studies)
Teacher Page

Mrs. Kathryn Chapple

Sixth Grade A (Seventh Grade Writing)
Teacher Page

Mr. Gregory Klucznik

Sixth Grade B (6-8 Science)
Teacher Page

Mrs. Kerri Garrity 

Seventh Grade A (6-8 Math)

Teacher Page

Mrs. Janice Gallagher

Seventh Grade B (6-8 Religion)

Teacher Page

Mrs. Maryanne Amalfitano

Eighth Grade A (Seventh Grade Literature)
Teacher Page


Mrs. Kathleen Cerulli

Eighth Grade B (6-8 Social Studies)

Teacher Page

Miss Kathleen Logan

S.T.R.E.A.M & Honors Mathematics
Teacher Page 

Mrs. Eileen Pry

Teacher Page

Mrs. Rubina Brach

World Language (Spanish/Italian)

Teacher Page 


Mrs. Dorothy Brown

Teacher Page


Ms. Ellen Lohse

Teacher Page

Mrs. Jeanie Gosseaux 

Reading Specialist

Teacher Site

Mrs. Georgeanne Hagan

Physical Education

Teacher Page

Mrs. Danielle Bastian


Teacher Page

Delaware County Intermediate Unit Services at SMM

Dr. Charla Curtis

DCIU School Psychologist

Lisa Glavin 

DCIU Reading

Colin MacCrory

DCIU Counselor

Andrea Linn 

DCIU Speech Language Pathologist

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