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Students at SMM School have a rich academic and spiritual life. SMM offers students clubs, activities, and programs throughout the school year, both during and after school. Below are resource links, contacts, and a bit of information about the various programs and activities offered to our students. 

Music & Art Enrichment 

Band & String Ensembles: SMM will offer weekly Band and string lessons with rehearsals for all interested Grades 4 through 8 students. Concert Band instruments will include all brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Strings will consist of violin, viola, and cello. Visit this link to learn more about these instruments: SMM Hawk Band & String Program. Modern Band is also available for Grades 6-8 students, including guitar, piano, bass, drums, and vocals; other instruments like ukulele, strings, and horns will also be welcome! We invite all students of all abilities and skill levels to join these exciting musical opportunities.


Contact Instructor: Mr. Michael Norton

Piano: Private lessons are offered to interested students after school.


Contact: Mrs. Dorothy Brown

Children's Liturgical Choir: SMM School and PREP students in 2nd grade and up are encouraged to participate. Choristers sing during First Friday and Holy Day Masses and the 9:30 Mass on the first and third Sunday of each month during the school year.


Contact Director: Mr. Ralph Purri

Spiritual, Leadership & Service 


Altar Servers: 5th to 8th-grade students learn and serve at Masses and services throughout the year.


To sign-up visit: Altar Server Ministry or contact, Coordinator: Deacon Joseph


Partners in Prayer: All students in school are paired to partner in prayer. 


Spiritual Life and Stewardship: Students in all grades offer their time and talents to help those in the community during the school year. Students partner with the broader community monthly on a stewardship goal or cause. Learn more by visiting our Spiritual Life page.

Student Council: Elected by their peers, the student council members meet throughout the school year to discuss the school's happenings and hold sponsored events like the annual Harvest Bash.


Contact Teacher Moderator: Mrs. Amalfitano


Development & Sports 

Yearbook: From November to April, 8th-grade students meet regularly during the year to create the school's annual yearbook filled with SMM memories. 

Reading Olympics: Students in grades 5 through 8 may join. Students read various books and novels and compete in groups during the annual Reading Olympics.


Contact Teacher & Moderator: Mrs. Sweeney

Italian Club: The middle school student club offers lessons in Italian and explores Italian Culture.


Club Moderator: Dr. Columbo

SMM CYO Sports
The CYO is a ministry for SMM School and PREP students. Visit
CYO Website for a complete list of sports and to sign up during the school year.


Enrichment Programs: SMM School offers enrichment programs several times throughout the school year. Some classes teachers offer include Chess, Watercoloring, Debate, Creative Writing, Movement, Coding, and more. Course sessions are usually ten classes held once a week after school. For more information, please get in touch with our Teacher and Coordinator: Mrs. Sweeney

For more information about our programs, please contact the moderator directly or email the School Office.

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