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Thank you for visiting St. Mary Magdalen School online!

We are thrilled that you are evaluating the benefits of Catholic education for your child and considering us as one of your options.


We know first-hand how vital the elementary school years are to you and your child. St. Mary Magdalen wants all children to grow academically, develop their relationship with God, maintain long-lasting friendships with peers, and retain a lifelong love of learning. As a parent, you are an invaluable part of our community. As partners in your child's education, we want you to know the love and collaboration we strive to give day-to-day at school.


We believe that a dynamic Catholic education serves the whole person, and our students are successful because we provide each student with a well-balanced academic, social, and spiritual foundation. Our faculty and staff offer the children a positive, nurturing, and safe environment. At the same time, we present a rigorous, faith-based program that strives to incorporate each student's particular needs and learning styles. Students grow in responsibility, self-discipline, tolerance, respect, and the true spirit of Catholic education—to be caring stewards to our neighbors, church, and the world.


We recognize that Catholic education is a choice and are grateful for your consideration. We hope to partner with you to provide a high-quality academic experience for your child. So, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details on why SMM is the right choice for your family.


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