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St. Mary Magdalen School has a full-time nurse available during regular school hours. To contact our school nurse's office, call 610-565-1822, Ext. 104, or email:

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Health Information Resources
Resource links to get up-to-date medical news and facts about family health and safety:

CDC Facts and Resources

American Academy of Pediatrics

Healthy Children

For more information contact: 

Tara Bonsall, BSN, RN, CSN

School Nurse

First Aid

School Medication Policy: 

All medication (prescription and over the counter) must be kept in the Nurse’s Office. Medication required during school hours is to be administered by the school nurse. This is a policy from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


No medication is to be carried with the student during the school day.


Prescription medication must be in its original labeled pharmacy container and  accompanied by a completed Prescription Medication form, which requires a physician’s signature. This form is also necessary for asthma inhalers, (Epi-pen), insulin or other perscription medications.


Any medication to be taken for only several days in school must be in its original labeled container and a Short Term Medication form must be completed and signed by the parent.


Medical Permission forms are available (left) or please obtain one from the School's Office.


If you have any questions concerning the medication forms or policy, please feel free to contact the school nurse.

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