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Heart & Hands

Service & Stewardship  

Living Our Faith

The Spiritual Life Committee (SLC) was formed to fully develop our strong faith community. Our mission is to enhance and promote the growth in the spiritual lives of the students and families in our school and parish community. 

We strive to create an environment within the school and the broader community that reflects and deepens our awareness of living our Catholic Faith. Stewardship participation fosters opportunities for our children and parents to utilize their diverse gifts to support others in our local and global communities. It also nurtures our faith-based community through care and concern for others. 


SLC works in partnership with our school and parish to create outreach service opportunities that benefit those in and around our community who need support. We collaborate with the school's principal, stewardship team, H&S, and parish administrators. They coordinate with our parish's various ministries and chapters, like CYO or Bethesda Project, as well as with other non-profit organizations to provide meaningful service projects and stewardship initiatives for our students and community. 


Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of others through service. 


If you have a comment, a stewardship initiative, or want to know more about our mission—please contact Spiritual Life Committee within the School Board at:



We Partner with Non-Profit Groups 


Coaches, teachers, parents, and students— consider serving any of these non-profit groups as missionary disciples of Jesus who love our neighbors. 

Additional Parish Ministries 


See additional parish-based ministries. HERE

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St. Mary Magdalen Parish 

or see the latest bulletin.

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